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I was glad when they said unto me,

Let us go into the house of the Lord.

Psalm 122:1

Weekend Worship Schedule


8am (St. Mary's) - Said Eucharist

This is a quiet, traditional service of Holy Communion from the Book of Common Prayer.

9:15am (St. John's) &
10:45am (St. Mary's) - Holy Eucharist

These are family-friendly celebrations of the Holy Eucharist with hymns, alternating between the Book of Alternative Services and Book of Common Prayer each week.

Weekday Worship Schedule


9:00am - Morning Prayer (Matins)

12:00pm - Said Holy Communion (Low Mass)

* These services are offered at St. Mary's, Summerside

* Please let us know by email, or tell a Greeter if you are visiting and need the Sacrament brought to you in your pew.

Festal Eucharists & Special Services

As announced.

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