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Holy Baptism

As Christians we celebrate and proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ, that the God who created all things desired a relationship with each of us so much that he sent his Son to us so that we may know the Father through Him.

Through the life of Jesus told in the Scriptures we learn just how beloved we are in the eyes of God and how God invites us to give our lives to him so that He can become the foundation of our life.

Baptism is the way that we say 'yes' to this relationship with God and give ourselves to him, receiving his forgiveness and becoming a part of His life. It is like a new birth into a new life, and through it we become members of the body of Christ - the Church.

Baptism is the entrance into this new life in Jesus, and so the baptismal font is traditionally placed at the back of the church nearest the entrance door, reminding us that the baptismal font is the entrance door to this new life in God and in the Church, His family.

Traditionally, we baptize both infants and adults, with parents and Godparents making the promises on behalf of the child, and vowing that they will raise the child in the faith and bring them to a knowledge of God. 

If you are interested in seeking baptism for yourself or your child, please reach out to the Rector through the Parish Office, he would love to meet you, get to know you, and plan for a baptism.

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